How To Be A Jellyfish

Now, if you're reading this, you're probably freaking out frantically finding something to wear for Halloween, or, your life long dream is to dress up as a jellyfish... Whatever the case, welcome!

A few weeks ago it was my friend's nautical themed birthday so I decided to go as a jellyfish (bet you didn't see that coming) and I made my costume in the space of 10 minutes so I thought I'd make a little DIY post.

Note: The only experience I've had with jellyfish is one time at the beach my sister threw a dead one in my hair. Told you I have bad beach experiences. 

Left to right: handmade wire rings, China, Lovisa, Lovisa, China 

Shirt / Vintage Country Road
Skirt / Forever New
Socks / China
Black Velvet Choker / The XY Collection
Crystal Necklace / The XY Collection

You will need:
- an umbrella 
- streamers
- sticky tape & scissors 
1. Select colour theme and match your umbrella and streamers accordingly (or use whatever is lying around)
2. Cut streamers into strips of desired length
3. Sticky tape the strips to the umbrella edges
4. Have fun!

Hope you all have a great Halloween or at least enjoy some cheap lollies.
Much love, Maggie xxx

P.S Sorry I didn't have time to edit any of the photos today!

The Sky, The Sea, The Stars

Hey sweet peas,
School has once again returned and instead of lounging around doing nothing all day in my pyjamas, we've been forced into classrooms for six hours a day... Sounds fun, hey?

Two days before I returned to the dreaded hell hole, my family and I went to Half Moon Bay. For those living in Melbourne, it's right near Brighton Beach and it is really beautiful (and shallow; which is a big bonus if you're someone who can't swim like me.) I used to HATE the beach and have some photos of me on various occasions crying whilst surrounded by sandcastles so this time I was determined to have a fun-filled, tear-less day. Hope you enjoy the photos, x

Bather top / Temt
Board shorts / Cotton-On Body
Hat / Dangerfield 
Chokers /  Made By Renee

Dress / from a surf shop 
Cardigan / H&M
Chokers / Made By Renee

I was awfully spoilt by Made By Renee (Instagram: @madebyrenee) and received two awesome chokers - the black tattoo choker with hollow star and holographic opalite crytal choker and I'm absolutely in love with both! Even though I have a few tattoo chokers, I love the hollow star charm at the end of it, it's super cute. For ages I've wanted a crystal choker and this holographic one is pretty unique and it kinda glows as you can see from the photos. Head down to Made By Renee for some really cool accessories!  

As you can see, I had a fierce battle between myself and the wind (wind:1 Maggie: 0). The reason behind my blog title is to appreciate the wonders of this world: the gorgeous sunset, the rippling and calm sea and little stars - in the sky and around our necks.

Much love,
Maggie xxx


Hey guys! I'm super excited to share this post with you and show off this beautiful mint coat from Whytwash. I'm pumped to be promoting for such a cool store and you can find them at their Website:
& Instagram: @whytwash

So for today I styled it two ways - a more formal/city-chic/stylish kinda look, and also a more casual/laid-back approach. So let's get started!

Sock tan alert...
Coat / Whytwash
Skivvie / Thrifted vintage Jayjays
Skirt / Thrifted Japanese brand
Bag / Kate Hill
Shoes / Rubi Shoes

And for the second look: 

Coat / Whytwash
T-Shirt / Dad's
Jeans / Levis
Shoes / Thrifted Nikes

So I'm smitten like a kitten over this amazing mint coat (size medium) I got sent, it's absolutely perfect! It's a pastel green soft colour and a perfect fit. It's such a statement piece and the bright dash of colour is perfect for a spring day. I love the softness and the great quality it is and no joke, when it first came, I didn't take it off all day... 

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you liked it! Remember to check out Whytwash on their website and Instagram (links above) and comment below which look you liked better!

Much love, Maggie xxx
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