With the end of a year comes with it new motivation, new dreams and new hope. Whatever 2014 looked like for you, I hope 2015 treats you well. You all know what's it's like to be so determined to start resolutions (I'm going to exercise! I'm going to eat healthy! I'm going to - maybe tomorrow) and how easily it is to break them (put down your 7th chocolate bar Maggie...) so hopefully this post will inspire you to start 2015 with a bang - and keep you inspired for more than a few days...

1. Forgive and Forget
Ending the year with a grudge or enemies of sorts isn't the best way to be starting the new year. The new year should symbolise a fresh start - for old habits and old problems. Make amends - build a bridge, bake cookies, give out hugs.

2. Set realistic goals
It's so easy to get caught up in resolutions and The End Product that you don't even know how you're going to get there. For example, if you're anything like me and "exercise" is that dreaded walk from the fridge to my room upstairs, you'll probably find that exercising everyday for 1 hour from the get-go is more of a no-go. Start with baby steps; short walks which turn into jogs and a few times a week some online routines such as Blogilates. 

3. Do something that scares you  
Now I'm not talking about jumping off cliffs and petting spiders or whatever, but something that's out of your comfort zone; talking to new people, going out more, dancing, whatever! It's been scientifically proven (maybe) that doing something that scares you can expand yourself as a person and open so many opportunities.
*But don't give in to peer pressure! Use your gut feeling and brains to tell if something's right or wrong*

4. Kindness is Free
Leave your grumpy pants in 2014, not only are they out of season, they smell of negativity and misery. Seriously, with all the devastating events in our world there is no more room for all this racism, transphobia, sexism, albeism, slut-shaming etc! etc! etc! Do us all a favour and be nice - please and thank you!

5. New Beginnings
You may think that as it's the new year it is your only chance to start afresh. But boy oh boy, you are wrong. Every morning we have a chance to begin again; to start over; every day is a possibility to became who you want to be. Don't beat yourself up if you break a resolution or stuff up - who doesn't - but success isn't if we succeed or win, it's how we don't give up. 

Lots of love & all the best,
Maggie x

P.S Don't you dare try pull the "I haven't showered since last year" crap

Begin Again

Inspiration is all around us: on the internet, from music, from strangers, and today, from a movie. After watching Begin Again (trailer here), a musical comedy drama with the likes of Keira Knightley and Adam Levine, I was motivated to write up a post about the effortless New York chic Knightley had going on. Here are a few snaps of her looking gorgeous as usual:

For my interpretation of her style, I paired a lazy tank with some cool tan coloured pants, complete with a leather belt and boots. 

Tank / Sparkle & Fade (Such a cool brand!)
Pants / Country Road
Shoes / Mum's 
Necklace / Shop Groovy 

And there you have it! I hope you all had a great Christmas and soon, a happy New Year.
Lots of things coming to Cosmic Thread, including a joint interview...

Maggie xx

From Above

In the heart of Melbourne lies our maze of a city; a plethora of personalities and buildings all intertwined to create the CBD. Yesterday, Ellie, Brooke, Ella and I took to the city to meet up and had a great time exploring roof tops and eating waffles. I love the feeling of being up high, above the every day citizens wandering about their day-to-day lives and being able to appreciate the beauty and calmness of the constantly vibrant city. 
Today's post will hopefully also give you some inspiration when stuck for an outfit for the city, read below for details about all of outfits! X

Coat / No brand
Skivvie / Vintage Jay Jays
Jeans / From China, ripped myself
Shoes / Mum's old 
Top Choker / Made By Renee 
Bottom Choker / The XY Collection

Black Crop Top / Universal Store
Denim Flannel / Just Jeans
Shoes / New Balance

Dress / Zara 
Top / Op-Shopped Giordano 
Bag / Dotti
Shoes / Converses

Top / Revival for Dangerfield 
Skirt / Thrifted
Cardigan / Thrifted
Bag / Dangerfield 

And there you go! Four outfits fit for a day in the city. Hope you're all enjoying your holidays - only a few days left 'til Christmas!

Maggie xx

Summer Vibes

The hot, sweaty, humid days have hit Melbourne. Summer has made a grand entrance and has made it loud and clear that it is here to stay (at least for 3 months.) If you're anything like me and dislike summer to say the least, grab a bowl of ice cream and lie in front of the air con and dream of the fortunate souls on the opposite side of the world enjoying winter. 

Here's my chill outfit for this weather I had on today. Believe me, floppy hats and floppy pants make everything better.

Necklaces / Mum's
Singlet / Sportsgirl
Pants / Retrostar's vintage garage sales
Shoes / Rubi Shoes

But seriously, floppy pants are way underrated as they're so comfortable and breezy - here's one thing you'll spot me in this summer. 

Love, Maggie xx

P.S Shout out to the house we took these photos in front of; you have a nice wall.
P.P.S Thoughts on new photo size? Comment below!

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