New Beginnings

Hello lovely people of the internet! 
Happy birthday to this blog, happy birthday to this blogggg happy bir- I'll stop there but as you can probably tell, my blog has just turned 1! Yipee! For an entire year you folk have put up with me yapping on about my life and clothes and whatever else it is I post on here, so a big thank you to you all. 
As you have seen, I have a new blog name - The Misfitted. I have parted ways with Cosmic Thread (goodbye old friend) and have renamed it The Misfitted. Whatever does she mean by that, you may ask. Well, in the case of a "misfit," it is someone who is different from other people and who doesn't seem to belong in a particular group, which is kinda how I have always felt to an extent. Also, as in "misfitted," as in clothes that don't really fit properly or that are mismatched, which, is basically half of my wardrobe. 
So ANYWAY, I won't get all soppy but this past year of having this blog has been so great and has opened up so many opportunities for me, as well as growing myself as a person and making myself more comfortable in my own skin. 
Oh, and for sentiments sake, I'm wearing the same outer garment I wore in my first ever blog post. So without a further ado, here's my first post officially as The Misfitted. 

Dress / Dotti
Outer garment / Mum's
Shoes / Lipstik 

I'll try keep it short, but you know me, I can gab on and on for yonks. 
I just finished a 7 hour work shift so I am super duper tired and kinda delirious so sorry if this post makes zero sense. I better stop now and try continue with my mountainous piles of maths and studio - yay for practice exams in a few days!!!!

Love ya all,
Maggie xx

That's a wrap: MSFW + NYFW

Bright lights, long nights, runway after runway. Hanging with the coolest and most fashionable people in the world, seeing your favourite designers and models in the flesh, casually riding around in Lexus', being surrounded by Calvin Klein models, getting inspired by the amazing street style around town, spotting Beyonce, Jay Z and Rihanna in the front row. Yep. I'm sure that's a very accurate representation of what New York Fashion Week was actually like. But sitting here in little Melbourne 16,662 kilometres away, NYFW honestly seems like a fairy-tale dream. 

But before I get too ahead of myself, I'll start with the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week which I was fortunate to attend just a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to win tickets from Bianca O'Neill, Alphabet Pony blog, to attend the official resort runway! Exciting stuff as this is my second ever runway, whoo-hoo! 

I took my loveliest friend Sofia who is my partner-in-crime when it comes to all things Shelby Hamilton, Margaret Zhang, Alice McCall, online shopping and everything in between. She's one of the four people in the world who actually reads my blog posts so massive shoutout to you gal! Love you!! 

Anyway so today I'm bringing you something a little different; I have some cute Polaroids we took from the night and then I thought I'd show you some of my favourite looks from NYFW. Sound good? Then let's go!

*Note: the scans turned out pretty whitewashed and light but let's just pretend it's ~minimalism~ or whatever the kids are into these days. 

Skivvy / Jay Jays 
Dress (skirt) / Dotti
Sweater (around waist) / Dad's
Shoes / Rubi Shoes

With the insanely beautiful Kawani Prenter

And now I've handpicked some of my favourite designers and narrowed down their collections to my two favourite looks. All photos are sourced from Harper's Bazaar. Enjoy! 


Eeep! All these pieces are honestly so individually beautiful and they make my little heart weep. 
After being swallowed whole by school the past few weeks, today being the first day of the holidays, I thought I would finally relax a bit and let my creative juices flow. So literally this post is what I've been doing all day (and eating orange muffins, thanks to mum.) 

Hopefully these holidays will be a bit relaxing but with practice exams coming up next week and *starts hyperventilating* actual year 12 exams coming up *starts crying* very, very soon, I feel like I'm just going to get busier and more stressed... 

BUT that can wait for another day, right? Tonight will be spent watching Awkward and a chick flick of some sort (while still eating more muffins, thanks mum.) That's all from me today then! 

Love you all lots,
Maggie xx

P.S This bloggity blog is turning 1 on Monday, yay! 
P.P.S Hopefully you can read my handwriting, I know at times I can't.
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