Hermitage? More like Herm mah gerd, am I right? 

Ok so Internet jokes aside, today I've got a treat for you all - I present to you Masterpieces from the Hermitage: The Legacy of Catherine the Great exhibition currently having its final days over at the NGV. 

A few weeks ago I revisited the collection for the second time, the first being with my Studio class to prepare for our upcoming exam - 13 days people!! I absolutely love the whole ambiance and atmosphere of the collection, it really felt like you were transported into the beautiful Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The works of art were, of course, all phenomenal, but what I loved most was Catherine the Great herself. For those of you who didn't know, she was one bad-ass ruler who had a passion for art and believed that it could broaden the minds of her subjects and citizens. She was the longest reigning Queen of Russia and this is even more cool seeing that it was set when everyone was (probably) super patriarchal and sexist (we still gotta pick up our game, people.) 

Anyway, I'm totally trying to persuade myself that writing up this blog post counts for Studio revision... but I should probably get back to real revision. So I'll stop jabbering on now! X 

One of my favourite things about art galleries is other people. Sounds a bit weird but I think a major part of admiring art is other people's reaction to it. I love looking around and seeing people have different connections and feelings of particular works.

Art is expression and art is finding yourself. It's all about interpretation - there's no right or wrong answer. That's what I love about it. 

Top / Lushous || Skirt / Thrifted Roxy || Bag / Thrifted  || Velvet Choker / The XY Collection ||
Opalite Quartz Choker / Made by Renee || Socks / Hello Sweetie || Shoes / Rubi Shoes

My sister and I also went to a cool installation under Flinders St Station and these grungy-ish photos were the result. Also, the Hermitage exhibition closes on November the 8th plus there's a couple of live performances going on there soon so check out the NGV for ticket details and more! It's not to be missed so check it out while you can. 

So exams are drawing very close for me, with maths methods starting in five days so wish me luck! I'll be needing as much of it as I can get... I better get back to the sad pile of homework staring at me right now. 

Also I have been grooving out to It's Strange (ft. K.Flay) by Louis The Child today so check it out and get boogieing. Also loving Ms by alt-J thanks to my friends' killer theatre performance.

Lots of luvvvv,
Maggie xx

Life's A Beach

They say life's a beach. 
If by that they mean it's hot, sweaty and gets all up in your grill, well then, they're kinda right. 

Off the shoulder top / Factorie
Shorts / Don't Ask Amanda 
Bikini top / Temt

I used to be astounded at how people could love the beach. What with it's hot, sweaty, half-naked people (which now I see that could be a positive in some eyes...) all crowded in the one place, all in the same water - it seemed like sort of a weird kind of punishment. But after returning to Half Moon Bay for the second time, I'm slowly finding out that I may actually *gasp* like the beach?

It's pretty relaxing and honestly puts a stupid grin on my face when I look around and watch the sun set and just listen to the waves breaking and forget about the worries of school, aka the be-all and end-all of life right??

Alright I'm keeping it short today, because you guys know me; I can go on and on and on. 
Hope you're all well and I shall speak again soon. 
xx Magz 

P.S Thanks for sticking through this whirlwind of a post and it's plenitude of italics. 


Source: tumblr 
Just a friendly reminder that girls rock. 

We should feel empowered to do what we want, say what we want, wear what we want and be who we want. Often this isn't the case though. We feel pressured to be certain things and are mocked for expressing our individuality. It's a vicious never ending battle between exploring who we are becoming whilst also trying to fit into the rigid mould society sets for us. 

So here's what I'm trying to get at: Life's too short to not be yourself and not to live up to your potential. Don't ever feel like you are aren't good enough. Don't compare yourself to other people; comparison is a thief of joy. Don't give into your fears and go follow your passions. Be true to who you are and remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

I know I'm literally just spouting off the lamest cliches, but I really truly do mean all of them. So here's a toast to all the girls who steps out of their comfort zone, those who take risks and stick out from the rest. In the spirit of things I've created a playlist of some rockin' gals with killer vocals who have done just that. 

Sorry folks, you will have to copy and paste the link, I'm not feeling too tech-savvy tonight to try and figure out how to embed the playlist. 


So there you have it. A mix match of the coolest female voices that I'm currently loving accompanied by a few of my strange musings. Apologies if none of this makes sense - my brain is literally fried from hard-core studying and is also thinking about the episode of The Bachelorette I'm currently watching. 

Until next time,
Mags xx

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