Sister Chillin'

Helloooo! If you're like me, I love redoing my walls and decorating my room whenever I have the chance. I thought for today, I would shoot in my old bedroom which is now my little sister's but it's still got my cool wall coverings which obviously makes the room 100x better. Also featured in this post is my gorgeous, expensive but totally worth it Marcs "Silk Hawaiian Placement Shift" dress which I bought with  my voucher I won from their Instagram competition earlier this year!
 I'll say no more, hope you enjoy this post you lovely people xxx 

The decorations are from a whole bunch of people and places like Frankie magazine, cutouts of Leunig, NGV, look books from Gorman, postcards from school & my fave gal and pen pal Jenna.

Dress / Marcs
Choker / The Cobra Snake
Necklace / Handmade 
Socks / Target (probs)
Sweater around waist / Country Road

Until next time,
Love, Maggie xx

Also, thanks to my little sis who took all the photos, you can find her on Instagram here: @katie.zhou

Start of Something New

*Cue #1 opt , Troy and Gabriella*
"This could be the start
Of something new
It feels so right
To be here with you.."

So on with the hsm references and welcome! Hey, hi, hello, you've probably been led here by my Instagram: @yemagz or perhaps just magically stumbled across my first ever blog post, but whatever may be the case, welcome! So the hsm reference seems pretty relevant because I've been wanting to start a blog for a long long long time so I thought, why not? 

I'm super excited to start this new phase in my already social media addicted stage in life. So some of you may be thinking, "What in the world does she mean by "The Cosmic Thread?"" So here's a quick run-down:

Cosmic: relating to the universe or cosmos/inconceivably vast 
(From Cosmos): the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system
Thread: a theme or characteristic running throughout a situation or piece of writing 

 I hope throughout my blog, which I'll try update as much as possible, will give you an insight into my little life so expect many fashion posts & general tips & all sorts of different posts!
Today's post was just a brief hello, so don't be afraid to comment/follow/share or whatever you're supposed to do on this site... As you can see I'm still getting my head around it xxx


Skivvie / Country Road
Jeans / Levi's
Necklace / Object & Co

That's all for today! Hope you lovely kids have a great day/afternoon/night, see you again soon!

Much love,
Maggie xxx

P.S These photos were taken with self timer because my family ditched me.

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