Life Right Now #2 / film & film

1. Date night sitting on a bench in the Queen Victoria Gardens. // 2. Study days in the State Library. // 3. On a bus in Bruny Island, Tasmania. // 4. Collection of second-hand books in a bookshop in Tassie. // 5. Tassie yet again: such a lil' quaint street. // 6. Late night swims on New Years Eve with Krystal. // 7. Carnival vibes in Rye. // 8. Two strangers on a beach. (How descriptive.) // 9. Big sis Cindy in a brewery in, you guessed it, Tasmania. // 10. Love you Melbourne. // 11. Pollen Tea Room cafe's bike outside their bathroom. On the right I thought it was a swell lens flare... but it's just my good ol' finger. // 12. Mum and Dad crossing the road in Rye. // 13. From the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne. Overflowing with loveeeee. // 14. Valentine's Day with Thomas.

Hello my friends! Here I am a good month later... School is a drainer, I'm dying in homework, blah blah blah, the usual. 

So I am here with you today (the night before my two English SACs, no less) with my second installment of my Life Right Now series! I really enjoyed making my first one and this one is a lil different if you haven't guessed. 

Over the summer I went out and bought a disposable camera and documented the few months I had off school. While apparently this was a common thing in the days of primary skewl camps, I had been sheltered of this fantastic process all my life... until now! Something about the unknown and spontaneous action of taking a photograph of a literal moment of time just gets to me. In a time and place where we are fixated on taking The Perfect Shot instead of capturing a moment, disposable film is (ironically) a fresh take on photography, at least for me. 

I am honestly a sucker for good ol' memories as seen in my Facebook 2016 album (#noshame) and my newest purchase: a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S (though a bit late on the bandwagon for that one...) So basically - I love all my friends and I love being young and I love cherishing all these beautiful moments we share. Yes, I am the queen of cheesiness but alas, at least I'm happy. 

Anyway.... that leads me to the big (ish) announcement! During my most recent term holidays, for a week I spontaneously decided to make a video featuring my friends. Kinda like a vlog but kinda not 'cause no one knew I was filming. Verging on creepy stalker, I know. It basically involved me "casually" holding my iPhone sideways and capturing footage of whatever shenanigans we got up to. It's the first ever video I've ever made (Year 8 science projects don't count) so I would appreciate it if you guys took a peek and tell me what you think. The footage is rough and unedited (because I have no clue how to edit) but let's just say it adds to the organic and natural vibe of it...

Okay, okay, I will stop gabbering on now!

Much love and fairy dust,
Mags xxx


  1. I absolutely love this post, it is so adorable!
    Charlotte xx

  2. So great that you're using film cameras! I used to love shooting with disposable cameras when I was younger. Ahh memories, haha!
    xx Grace | KOUKI

    1. Yes, I really want to get into film photography - and disposables are the my most affordable choice right now haha... But thank you!! Btw, love your website so much! xx

    2. Haha I totally agree! I have two film cameras at home but the upkeep is too expensive even though I really want to use them. Disposable cameras are the way to go :)
      xx Grace

  3. Maggie I have fallen completely in love with your gorgeous little corner of the internet! What was the disposable camera that you used for these photos called, I've been on the hunt for one since the dawn of time!
    - Love, Renée xx.

    1. Renee this comment is so beautiful, thank you! This disposable was just a Kodak flash one from Kmart... not too sure of the name. Defs recommend though - film is a kind of magic. Maggie xxx

    2. That is the best news I've read all day, haha! Guess what chain store I'll be trekking to tomorrow to find a disposable Kodak ;) Thanking you endlessly, you're a gem Maggie! xx
      - Renée Alexis


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