How To Be A Jellyfish

Now, if you're reading this, you're probably freaking out frantically finding something to wear for Halloween, or, your life long dream is to dress up as a jellyfish... Whatever the case, welcome!

A few weeks ago it was my friend's nautical themed birthday so I decided to go as a jellyfish (bet you didn't see that coming) and I made my costume in the space of 10 minutes so I thought I'd make a little DIY post.

Note: The only experience I've had with jellyfish is one time at the beach my sister threw a dead one in my hair. Told you I have bad beach experiences. 

Left to right: handmade wire rings, China, Lovisa, Lovisa, China 

Shirt / Vintage Country Road
Skirt / Forever New
Socks / China
Black Velvet Choker / The XY Collection
Crystal Necklace / The XY Collection

You will need:
- an umbrella 
- streamers
- sticky tape & scissors 
1. Select colour theme and match your umbrella and streamers accordingly (or use whatever is lying around)
2. Cut streamers into strips of desired length
3. Sticky tape the strips to the umbrella edges
4. Have fun!

Hope you all have a great Halloween or at least enjoy some cheap lollies.
Much love, Maggie xxx

P.S Sorry I didn't have time to edit any of the photos today!


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