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The sweet city of Melbourne, surprisingly, extends far greater than the popular Flinders St Station, Fed Square and the likes around it. I find that the places which ooze with our cool, artsy, coffee culture lie around areas such as Brunswick and Collingwood. Honestly, I'm hopeless with directions and the city can be pretty terrifying when you're lost. So luckily, a week - or two, or three ago (school has stuffed up my time consciousness), my older sister Cindy took me out to experience some of the wonders this beautiful city has to offer. 
Here are some of the photos we took in places from Hosier Lane to little hidden cafes to rooftop bars.
Enjoy! X

Pop Up Scroll (Eat A Scroll) / 86 Smith St Collingwood

Cindy walking on a rainbow


View from the Rooftop Cinema/Bar / Top of Curtin House: 252 Swanston St

Aunt Maggie's (!!!) / 74-78 Sydney Rd

Section 8 / 27-28 Tattersalls Ln
* I do not condone any meth smoking *

Check out Hosier's Lane little shop featuring 50 cent CDs, $2 books & $3 clothes - all proceeds go to Youth Projects

Glasses / Clearly Contacts
Skivvie / Dotti
Dungarees / Thrifted
Shoes / Thrifted Nike's

So I sit here now typing this post with my two pinkies as my other fingers are currently smothered in oil pastels for my Studio homework. The holidays are just around the corner and whilst I'd like to think that I will be spending my time relaxing, going out and eating at cafes, the reality will probably just be me in my pajamas and interchangeably studying and playing sims. 

Hope you're all doing well & lots of love going your way,
Maggie XX

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  1. Melbourne looks like such a cool place to live. The street art is fantastic. I love your Dungarees, btw. x

    i cry clouds


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