INTERVIEW: Tara of Fashion Bambini + Elly of Cactei

Instagram holds a plethora of young talent, creativity and online stores. Tara of Fashion Bambini and Elly of Cactei are prime candidates of the fast-growing influx of teens who are killin' it out there on the world wide web. Whether it be from posting OOTDs to drawings, both Elly and Tara are two girls who are reaching other teens around the globe with their cool and unique talents.

If you don't follow (stalk) their social media accounts - I suggest you do!

Here is Tara's Instagram: @fashionbambini | blog: | YouTube channel | online store: Stellar Boutique.

And here is Elly's Instagram: @cactei | Tumblr: cactei | art blog: cactei-art | online stores: &

Today I bring to you an interview where I got to question these two lovely ladies about things such as their favourite food, dream jobs and their online stores. I hope you feel as inspired as I did! X

1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves
Tara: I'm Tara, a 17 year old girl, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I am a fashion blogger, vlogger and entrepreneur! Elly: My name is Elly Malone, I am 17 but sadly look about 14. I wish I could say I'm from somewhere super cool  like NYC or Paris but I was born in Warrnambool, Victoria, and I currently live in Noosa, Queensland. 

2. Fast five faves!
Fave movie: T: Her. E: Submarine, Palo Alto, Kill Your Darlings, The Art of Getting By and Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Fave item in your wardrobe: T: Denim Jeans Jacket I made. E: Probably my denim jacket, I really love my winter clothes but Queensland sucks.
Fave food: E: Probably 2-minute noodles or toast, I'm a fussy eater. T: Hash browns (and garlic bread, bacon, and mango sticky rice)
Fave way to relax: T: Listen to chilled music, laze around. E: Hate to be predictable, but drawing. Or reading.
Fave band/artist: E: The Wombats forever and ever. T: Sticky Fingers. 
E: Those answers were not fast I apologise.

3. How did you get into blogging and YouTubing? What are the best and worst things about it?
Tara: I've always wanted to be a blogger and YouTuber, ever since I was in year 5 at school... So I talked to my parents about it (when I knew I was old enough to put my face on the internet) and I just made them! The best thing is probably the opportunities which come alongside them and the freedom to post when and what I want. The worst... that's hard! This is more of a 'struggle' but updating when the weather is bad which results in bad lighting and no where to shoot/film!

4. You are one amazing artist! What got you into drawing in the first place? And how did you become so good?
Elly: Thank you! I feel so pretentious when I call myself an artist, there are too many incredible artists to be put under the same title. I've been drawing since I was really young as most kids do, but I guess I never really stopped. I first tried drawing serious portraits when I was 12-13. I remember actually being quite surprised and happy (for once) with the result, so I kept drawing pencil portraits of anyone I saw in magazines. I guess all the practice slowly improved my skill over the years. I still have a lot more to learn though.

5. So I hear you own a store, tell us a bit about it!
Tara: My store is Stellar Boutique which I launched in August, 2014. The word 'stellar' has been a favourite of mine for the past few years. I just love the meaning which is used to describe the stars or good music. I sell accessories, half of which are hand made, including socks, jewellery, hats and more! 
Elly: When I started my @cactei Instagram, the name had been my Tumblr URL for a while so I just kept the name. At the time I didn't really have big plans for the account other than just posting my drawings, but as support grew, more people were suggesting I make t-shirts, so I started my Society6 store. It's great because I can sell shirts, phone cases, tote bags, prints and even ridiculous things like shower curtains or bed covers.

6. What are your favourite products currently available in your store?
Elly: My personal favourites are the Music X Art design and the Palo Alto design. 
Tara: Our 'heart break chokers' which are available in pink and black. I have not been able to take off my pink one off my neck! They're cute yet badass at the second time! And secondly, our dinosaur chokers which I made. They come in six different dinosaur designs and are really cute and playful.

7. For all those budding entrepreneurs out there, what are your tips for starting an online business?
Elly: - Social media is your best friend (specifically Instagram). It is so easy today to start a business by advertising with social media, it's crazy how quickly your account can grow!
- Ask questions. Ask your family, friends, followers. They'll tell you what they want to see and give you a bunch of ideas!
- Try everything. You never know which idea will be your best.
Tara: Make sure you plan out your business before starting out! My dad has helped me a lot with managing my business - which leads me to having someone to support you - especially if you're still a teen! Also, do your research. Research your target markets, online store hosting sites, payment methods, etc. Sell things that you personally like, it'll make entrepreneurship so much more fun! It sounds like a lot, and it is, but once you get underway, it's a great way to make money.

8. Favourite Instagram accounts?
Tara: I have too many! To list two, @plaaastic and @confetticrowd are awesome!
  Elly: This is super hard... @lemaddy, @gucci.grl, @ssophiawalsh, @franki_e + all my insta pals u know who u r xx

9. One celebrity crush you would like to meet?
Elly: Can they be dead? Vincent Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo (celebrities to me). Alive - I'd love to meet any member of my fave bands. 
Tara: Oh God, I actually can't choose... maybe Andrew Garfield?

10. What is your dream job?
Tara: Ultimate (sort of unrealistic) dream job would be a travel fashion blogger/vlogger! 
Elly: The ultimate dream is to be able to live off my own work, whether that be art alone or something else of my creation (kinda keen to start a magazine?). If not, I'm studying Graphic Design and Journalism to uni so something in those fields.

11. What is a mantra you live by?
Tara: Dress for yourself and be yourself!
Elly: I don't really know, I think that if I had a mantra I'd have to accept that there are going to be times that I don't live by it too. That sounds stupid, I can't word it right. Maybe my mantra is that I have no mantra.

So that was my first ever interview here on Cosmic Thread! Let me know what you think. 
Massive shoutout to both Elly and Tara for letting me interview them!

I hope you all have had a lovely two weeks since I last posted - I know I have been having a hectic week at school. I'm ready to call it a night. Yes, at 8:47pm. 

Love from your sleepy friend,


  1. Thanks for the interview Magz!!!! It came out so well with Elly's and my responses put together!! <3
    Tara x fashionbambini

    1. No worries Tara! Aw, I'm so glad I got to interview you both together :-) xx

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