Life's A Beach

They say life's a beach. 
If by that they mean it's hot, sweaty and gets all up in your grill, well then, they're kinda right. 

Off the shoulder top / Factorie
Shorts / Don't Ask Amanda 
Bikini top / Temt

I used to be astounded at how people could love the beach. What with it's hot, sweaty, half-naked people (which now I see that could be a positive in some eyes...) all crowded in the one place, all in the same water - it seemed like sort of a weird kind of punishment. But after returning to Half Moon Bay for the second time, I'm slowly finding out that I may actually *gasp* like the beach?

It's pretty relaxing and honestly puts a stupid grin on my face when I look around and watch the sun set and just listen to the waves breaking and forget about the worries of school, aka the be-all and end-all of life right??

Alright I'm keeping it short today, because you guys know me; I can go on and on and on. 
Hope you're all well and I shall speak again soon. 
xx Magz 

P.S Thanks for sticking through this whirlwind of a post and it's plenitude of italics. 


  1. Love love :D Yes I do love beach. But not the super crowded one, too tho. Hihi. I like to take a long stare to the vast sky above the sea. Have you ever experienced that? It makes me think how big the sky is that we realized it in city. Okay, nice to hear you having a nice beach day!

    1. Yes I know what you mean - I love that too. Thanks again lovely xx

  2. 'They say life's a beach. If by that they mean it's hot, sweaty and gets all up in your grill, well then, they're kinda right.' That made me laugh so much. I might just have to repeat that to my friends and pretend I'm really funny, aha ha. I love the photography you got in this btw, I might just have to go down to the beach sometime myself although I doubt it will be anywhere near as warm as it looks here.

    1. Ahh yep it's totally true in my case though! Thanks so much - and yes it was so hot that day (like a few weeks ago) but now it's raining and freezing, loves Melbourne weather. xxx


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