Life Right Now #3 // e(motion)al

1. Collage of an old phone background + andrew winn photography + my window when i needed motivation // 2. Gorgeous bling from curated wholesale // 3. Sunset + outfit from #msfw fashion film festival // 4. Tumblr inspiration that is now my background // 5. Pals in a photobooth !! // 6. Beep beep.. more CW* love // 7. Polaroids of Bella for a lil shoot for a magazine I created for school // 8. Cheesiness delivered from tumblr (straight 2 my heart) // 9. Bloggers in motion pt. 1 (Views Of Now) // 10. Fave song atm // 11. Bloggers in motion pt. 2 (Perks Of Her) // 12. Heart eyes all over Realisation Par

Salutations dear readers! (AKA just my mum...)

Today I bring to you installment number 3 in the Life Right Now series. It's a bit of a mess, kinda like my head right now which is whirling around with last minute revision for tomorrow's media SAC. I always find that whenever I'm the busiest and most jam packed with school I end up craaaaving this creative outlet. But sadly, as my final high school exams are next month, you should be seeing less of me on ze Insta and ze blog. 

But here is today's post: a collection of happy memories - blurry and in motion. Life is always moving. It's crazy seeing how fast this year has gone, how fast high school is going. In a blink of an eye, we're going to be adults. Before you know it, one day we're going to wake up and we're going to fondly (or not so fondly) recall our teenage years. And I don't know about you but I want to make the most of them. Okay, this is getting all gross and sentimental but, what I think I'm getting at is that I don't want life to just past by. I want to live and breathe and be in every single moment, you know? 

Maybe just ignore the paragraph above because I'm seriously tired and just a bit of a weirdo anyway. 

Yours in inconstantly timed blog posts,
Mags xx


  1. I'm your reader and follower since ok I can't remember FYI :) so, well, you do have readers too! and I love how you edit those photos here! all ths time, being your silent reader, sorry ><

    1. Ahh you are the sweetest!! So glad someone reads these posts hehe... but I'm so appreciative of your comments so thank you!! xx


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