Meet me at the bleachers after class for a soda? Yep, let me just grab my cheerleading pom poms and chemistry books. 

Okay... that sounds like a really badly written line in some direct-to-video movie but alas, there's still a part of me that longs to live in a Riverdale-eques world. Sans the murder, overly-dramatic acting and what not.

MAGGIE WEARS:Tee + Pants / General Pants || Jacket / Princess Highway
Sunnies + Boots / Factorie
Some days I wish I was this wicked rocker chick who rode motorbikes and chewed gum menacingly at small children but I really am not. But that doesn't mean my wardrobe can't reflect this daydream of mine. Even though I'm one that beams at all strangers and who believes in the power of pink and glitter, I still want to channel that Winona Ryder and Wonder Woman badassery. 

Wearing this lemon tee which proclaims, "Too many rules!" I feel like I'm taking a (albeit carefully treaded) step into this direction. Backing this up with my red cord on cord, I feel like I'm breaking all the rules. Bam! Chuck on some (fake) patent docs and ~edgy~ sunglasses and shopkeepers will have to keep an extra vigilant eye out for me. 

So I own way too much red now and guys, you have got to stop me. Everything I buy is in the vicinity of warm tones and red-ish hues. It's basically a disease so I'm holding you all accountability. 

Life's been good, thanks for asking. Started my editorial internship today and I loved it. It felt so right and I'm a happy chap right now (though kind of just... ignoring my uni work). I've been spending too much money on chai lattes and too much time with friends. So frankly, nothing's changed!

That's me for now. You should also check out the interview I did with my cool friend Jess for her blog here.

All the lovely stuff,
Maggie xx

Photography done by the loveliest petal in the world Rochelle.

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