Plant Fronds

If you take a trip to the Fitzroy Conservatory, you'll find a pale pink arched building with forest green detailing and copper doors. Yep, it's as magical as it sounds. 

When I visited, one delightful Thursday afternoon, the sky was blue, the weather was sunny and my smile was wide. The only thing missing was probably Mac DeMarco serenading me with his gentle guitar and sweet, sweet voice

The inside of the conservatory was really warm – like the butterfly enclosure at a zoo. My talented friend Belle Hunt met me for a fun little shoot! All the photos are taken and edited by her. Check out her Instagram @bellehunt for all the pretty colours you could ever dream of and her website for a collection of her photography and design work. Don't forget to pick your jaw up from off the ground like I had to.

I'm currently obsessed with my new threads from Ghanda Clothing – a little label from the surfing town Torquay in Victoria. They're one of the brands I've worked with who have best nailed my style – there's a mix of retro and '70s pieces and a big focus on everything being super comfy and cute. Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself. I've also gotta mention my sweet ear candy from Lunar and Lilo, because ears need some lovin' too.

This is one of my favourite posts I've put out in a while, I hope you liked it too. There's a part two coming soon – get pumped!

Here's where I leave you – well, sort of. My little sister Katie thought it'd be funny if she pretended to be me and write the post herself. Check it out below. I'm ashamed of how accurate it kind of is. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I'm back! Much sooner than you thought, hey? The other week me and my pal Belle Hunt did a lil shoot at the Fitzroy gardens, and boy oh boy, how great are these photos? Although it is freezing cold here in Melbs, that ain't stopping me from wearing a dress. Did you know that I just ordered all these summer clothes from Glassons? Anyways, back to the blog post. I think that all these green colours are a great celebration for Zoella's splash botanics range. Alfie and Zoe are my parents and Nala is my sister.

Much love,
Magz xx

See you very soon with a 80s themed shoot! (Hint: it is a launderette)
*Not a doctor, shhh* 


  1. garden is always the best place to take photos! It doesn't have to put much effort, everything came up good and nice!

    1. Yep – I've been loving shooting with some greenery! Super fun xx

  2. That garden looks beautiful! The photos are so amazing!

    venus |

    1. Oh thank you so much! Just you wait - the next post's background is the exterior and it's also ah-mazing xx


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