Orange is a very underrated colour. What other colour is SO good that it got a fruit named after it? You ain't seeing any bananas being called yellow or strawberries called red. 

Here's the second instalment of the Fitzroy Garden series shot by my friend Belle Hunt. If you haven't seen part one, here it is. I flipping love wearing colour, I don't conform to the mandatory black uniform of every other Melbourian. Colour just instantly makes me so happy – whatever I wear takes control of how I feel. So why not dress like a bottle of OJ? 

Life has been non-stop and so full-on. Here's a little list of what's happened this past month or so:
  1. Had my last day working retail yesterday. Was bittersweet. But more sweet because I got shouted a chai and a hedgehog. 
  2. Today was my last day interning at Broadsheet. The three month stint was so much fun and I'm still giddy that I got to work alongside one of my favourite publications. An internship blog post will be up soon* as per requests.
  3. This coming week I begin a new internship with Liven. It's an app that allows you to gain digital currency when you eat at their restaurant partners. It's pretty neat. I'll be working as a social media and content strategy intern. Here's my first thingamajig.
  4. I'm also trying my hand at designing ads for a family friends big trailer/shipping/transport company. I don't know what that is either (please don't ask me anymore.)
  5. Became a 'communications manager' (sounds way fancier than it is) for a friend's eco-friendly and sustainable business. Stay tuned because I'm heaps excited. 
  6. Began a new uni semester with just media communications subjects. It's pretty chill, I hope I make some more friends. (lol) 
  7. Here are some non-workish things:
  8. Incredibles 2 is really good, go watch it if you haven't already.
  9. I've cut down on my chai intake by a little bit.
  10. I'm rereading Anna Funder's Stasiland at the moment.
  11. I've been obsessively playing Bakery Story 2 on my phone. I don't want to talk about it.
  12. Today I bought myself a $100 ring. I feel so reCkleSs but also like, I probably deserve it. #treatyoself
  13. Been watching a lot of This Is Us, Dear White People and Fresh Off the Boat. The latter is only with my boyfriend and it's PAINFUL because I want to WATCH AHEAD but I'm a GOOD GIRLFRIEND so I won't.
  14. Also, said boyfriend doesn't read my blog. Negative brownie points.
  15. Ironic, because his birthday celebrations are tomorrow and I'm making him surprise brownies.
  16. But I can post this because he doesn't read my blog, remember? 
  17. Anyways, what was the point of this list again?
*soon: may range between a week and a year, knowing me. 

See ya on the flip floppity side,
Maggie xx

P.S Wearing my cute Ghanda top and Glassons pants.


  1. The orange trousers are such a nice piece, love them! Congrats on all your internships etc :) and yes The Incredibles 2 is a great film, there's so many cute moments especially that scene with Edna Mode and Jack Jack!

    1. Thank you – I think the pants are super fun! Oh yes, so many great moments. I want to already go and rewatch it! xx

  2. LOL I agree it's so underrated! I only just got into being comfortable with wearing orange this year and now it's one of my favorite colours! xo (p.s. here from the CGG facebook group! I ADORE your 80s themed shoot at the laundromat!)

    1. Oh I know I'm glad it made a comeback! Wowee, too kind, thank you so much! #CGG xx


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