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Just like that, it’s the end of New York Fashion Week. The Spring and Summer 2019 collections kicked off on September 6thand continued until the 14thall across New York. As an outsider watching from afar (as far away from New York that you can possibly go), it really is quite interesting and exciting watching the buzz and hype of the week from Instagram stories, posts and articles. 

All week I was holding out to watch live videos from the designers, making sure story and post notifications were on to see the new collections, and constantly refreshing the pages of some of the influencers I follow to see their take on Fashion Week. I loved seeing all the beautiful collections and runways and truly felt like I was there. Whether just being a part of Fashion Week through stories, videos, images or articles, I really was kept on my toes all week by constantly being updated with new trends, new garments and accessories that (I wish!!!) I could add to my cart. 

This season we saw all the accessories under the sun, including glasses chains, the never-ending hype of bum bags (do Americans call it that?), bucket hats, pastels and knits, matchy matchy headscarves and bags, and hats bigger than the head. Fashion doesn’t hold back during Fashion Week, and designers use this to their advantage. All of these trends and new pieces made me feel like a little kid in a candy store with their bright colours and overall vibe. I’ve been dreaming about what I would buy and wear but alas, I am a uni student with what some would describe as an ‘insufficient’ income. But hey, like I said, isn’t it just as fun to observe and play make believe for a little bit?

As I sat at the breakfast table drinking my morning coffee before uni on Thursday, I scrolled through the Vogue Runway app and saw all of my favourite designers’ collections and their shows. I saved all the images I loved the most into my camera roll and organised them by designer in my iCloud Photo Stream (I know, I’m hella nerdy). After all that, and the week that has been, I’ve narrowed New York Fashion week down to five of my favourite collections:

Even though I wasn’t front row or strolling the streets of New York hoping to get snapped by the paps in my outfit, I had Fashion Week at the tip of my fingertips and was among the excitement and hype all week long, while never leaving my house which to be honest I think is pretty damn cool. Social media connects a global audience like myself, enabling artists all over the world to indulge in these types of events. I was able to enjoy these five designers and runway shows and see their collections and appreciate them all in their beauty. 

– Hattie / @hattienixon 

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Hope you enjoyed this different style of post! One day I'd love for The Misfitted to be a platform for different voices and talents, so here's a sneak peek into that. Endless thanks to Hattie for writing up this magical piece, her taste is unlike anyone else's so I had to get her to write up NYFW! As always, I had heaps of fun designing this spread too. 

If you would like to feature on The Misfitted – perhaps you have an article written or a photography shoot that you think would suit – feel free to send a message my way. 

Lots of love and soft food (because I got my wisdom teeth out),
a swollen Maggie xx


  1. I love this post! I had never heard of Escada until now and boy oh boy their designs are amazing.

    1. I hadn't either! That's the beauty of having someone come aboard and collaborating! So many pretty things in our world. xx


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