"Beautifully Human"

Hello lovelies,
Long time no blogging! I have finally been released from the clutches of exams and am a free woman with a lot of free time to play Sims. Today's post was shot a few weeks ago with my darling friend Lara for her photography assignment. Without a further a do, I'll let you in for a sneak peek about her message and vision for this little shoot.

"These photographs were taken for my portraiture assignment for advanced placement art. I knew from the very start of the project that my theme would be 'Beautifully Human', as it is a philosophy that I passionately believe, the fact that we are all flawed and imperfect and there is much that marks us as different from one another, but deep down we are all beautifully human. "

I was completely flattered that Lara chose me for this task and was humbled to be an image of the imperfections and faults in our life which evidently make us who we are.

Button Up Shirt / Mum's
Skirt / Target 
Holographic Opalite Choker / Made By Renee
Moon Choker / Object & Co

"I wanted to capture the essence of that and I knew that I had to have Maggie for my model, as she's such an expressive and passionate and vibrant person, and sure enough, she weren't posing for any of them and I'm really very happy with how it turned out, thank you for being beautifully human xx"

It's quite vulnerable and frightening having candid photos of yourself taken whilst you are talking and, well, being yourself. *Soppy lame warning* But this has opened my eyes to the reality of the beauty which lies within us. *But really though!*

Lots of new blog posts in the process of planning right now, hope you're so excited,
Maggie xx

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