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In the heart of Melbourne lies our maze of a city; a plethora of personalities and buildings all intertwined to create the CBD. Yesterday, Ellie, Brooke, Ella and I took to the city to meet up and had a great time exploring roof tops and eating waffles. I love the feeling of being up high, above the every day citizens wandering about their day-to-day lives and being able to appreciate the beauty and calmness of the constantly vibrant city. 
Today's post will hopefully also give you some inspiration when stuck for an outfit for the city, read below for details about all of outfits! X

Coat / No brand
Skivvie / Vintage Jay Jays
Jeans / From China, ripped myself
Shoes / Mum's old 
Top Choker / Made By Renee 
Bottom Choker / The XY Collection

Black Crop Top / Universal Store
Denim Flannel / Just Jeans
Shoes / New Balance

Dress / Zara 
Top / Op-Shopped Giordano 
Bag / Dotti
Shoes / Converses

Top / Revival for Dangerfield 
Skirt / Thrifted
Cardigan / Thrifted
Bag / Dangerfield 

And there you go! Four outfits fit for a day in the city. Hope you're all enjoying your holidays - only a few days left 'til Christmas!

Maggie xx


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  2. Such a nice post.
    I super like your blog.PLEASE KEEP POSTING!


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