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Melbourne. San Francisco. You are probably wondering what these two very different cities on opposite continents have to do with each other. Well, I personally did not know much about San Fran until I got to video chat with two fashion-guru twins who reside near the city in California. Aside from devastatingly finding out that life in America is not what they show in movies, I also got to discover how and where teens over there choose to hang out. 

So, for my end of the collab, I get to show you a few things Melbourne has to offer. And both The Style Cult and myself will present several ways of styling an oversized tee. Starting off with the three hangs here in Melbourne are the alleyways, cafes and roof topping. X

Throughout the maze of our city lies true street art and also the frequent ramblings and thoughts of our citizens (*"sex is fun.") Apart from our famous Hosier Lane, there are endless of hidden treasures which are begging to be explored. From alleyways full of graffiti to ones with secret cafes concealed in nooks, our lane ways are definitely part of our cultural expression, but be warned as they sometimes smell like piss.

Melbourne is renowned for its cool interiors and the best coffee in the world (don't argue with me on this one), which makes our cafes one of the coolest places to grab a bite to eat or to try and fuel our never ending coffee needs. Unfortunately, I have the worst luck at finding cafes in the city so these photos were taken at just a local one. But you can never go wrong with good coffee, good people and good vibes. 

The latest trend for all the bloggers and Instagrammers down in Melbourne are our city rooftops. Scattered throughout our CBD, it takes skill and an eye to spot the best ones (or good friends which you can just follow) - such as this glorious pink roof top huddled in amidst China Town. The view and photo opportunities totally make up for the hike of stair climbing.

Up on the roof top I also got the chance to get a few photos of my outfit consisting of a vintage, oversized Adidas tee tucked into one of my favourite thrifted Portmans half-pleated skirt and complete with a dark grey sweater around my waist. Wearing a top and bottom which are basically the same shade of colour can be done but in terms of this outfit, having the dark separation really brings out both colours and gives your eyes a rest from the whole light grey thing. 

So that's my end of the blog done - but there's still a great second half you must check out! Amanda and Julia are the owners of The Style Cult and you can find all their social media thingamajigs here:
Blog | YouTube (highly recommend!) | Instagram | Store

Check out their preview video

That's all for now. Stay groovy folks.
Maggie xx


  1. amazing~ Just stumbled onto you blog loving it~<3 love your style and I loved the collab it was so cool your outfit is one point and loving your sunnies
    Followed can't wait to see more posts from you xx
    I would be so grateful if you could check out my blog too that would be amazing and maybe you could follow? ^^ you honestly don't have to if you don't want to thankyou xx

    Sindy xx

    1. Wow thank you so much! Means a lot to me! Xx


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