Let's Get Real

We live in such a world where we feel incomplete without a phone, a touch screen, or social media to vent to. We feel if we don't Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat a meal or outing, that it didn't happen. We are obsessed with showing the world our latest purchases and what we have been up too.

But when you step outside and experience nature for what it is and truly appreciate the wonder of our Earth, you see yourself bigger than just a photo or an instant message, but see yourself as part of the universe. 

I know the irony of this blog post but hey, I'm admitting to my obsession with social media here too. So here's a post shot outside and barefoot, getting up close and personal with nature. Enjoy XX

Dress / Just Jeans
Rings / Aubella

Featuring in this post are these three beautiful rings. The lovely folks at Aubella (Instagram: @_aubella) sent me the knot ring, crescent moon ring and the V shaped midi ring which I absolutely adore. Their prices are oh so cheap and they add style to any outfit. So check them out!

So currently I'm sitting in my pj's in the comfort of being inside, elsewhere of pesky mosquitoes. Year 11 is taking its toll already and I have been very busy with work so sorry if there's a lack of posts! 

Lots of love,
Maggie xx

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