Some days, you just gotta throw your hands in the air, exhale loudly and give up a little. Yes, I know, I should totally be a motivational speaker... But what I mean is, sometimes we should take a break from this lil' journey we call "life" and - with the possibility of sounding lame - embrace actual living. It's so easy to get caught up in the dramas of school, the struggles for the future and whatever else that occupies our minds and to forget about the simple pleasures in life. 

Just the other day, the sun was shining and the weather was too good to miss, so I decided to have a picnic in my backyard by myself. As sad as it may sound, it was one of the most relaxing and blissful arvos I've had in a while. Soaking up the sun whilst listening to music and painting my nails, I was in the best mood everrrr and it helped me regain some sanity which school has kindly ridded me of. 

So, y'know, just wanted to remind you all that even though life can be so busy and distracting, don't forget to take some time for yourself because you rock and totally deserve it. That's 'nuff of my cheesy self for now so head on down to see my procrastinat-y self dressed in some very comfy clothes in front of some laundry. Because, you know... whatever!  


~ Picnic rug (duh)
~ Magazines 
~ Books 
~ Nail polish
~ Foooood! 
~ Sun cream (keep your skin healthy!) 

T-Shirt / Country Road
Dress / Charli 
Sweater / Retrostar Vintage Sale
Shoes / Converse

So congratulations if you have made it through all the bends and loops of the post - rest assured, you are at the end! To be honest, I think I wrote about this topic as at this very moment I should be studying for a maths methods SAC I have tomorrow. It covers 15 chapters which is everything we have learnt this year... and I just started revising. But... whatever! But hey kids, stay in school and work hard.

Love you all,
Maggie xx


  1. How do you lok so cute in everything you wear? AW



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