The End is Nigh

Dear Winter,
I want to start by telling you that what we had - for those three months - was real and is something I'll treasure forever. I'll carry the fond memories of us in my heart - you and your pouring rain, windy days and grey skies and me with my abundance of layers, runny noses and endless shivering. 

At times, our relationship felt like it was the best thing that had ever happened to me, but lately everything has felt wrong. It pains me to admit this, but my love for you has faded away. The cold days, unrelenting winds and wet puddles have lost their charm and have just turned into exasperation and an inconvenience.

I don't want you left in the dark - I'm seeing someone else. Their name is Spring. Just last week I spotted a beautiful, blossoming, pink cherry blossom tree and it was love at first sight. Flowers are beginning to bloom, bees are back and buzzing and the sun is shining a little more than before.

I'll always remember our time together as a special time in my life. And Winter, I just have a feeling that in about nine months we shall meet again.

The end of Winter approaches us... 22 days to be exact, and as much as I love the chilly season (which isn't that much) I am excited to see Spring arrive. The thought of wearing just ONE layer amazes me and I'm thrilled at the thought of wearing all my skirts again (Mumma's missed you all) 

I'm also totally in love with my new boots from Missguided which I scored for $22, oh yeah! They are patent (shiny) and burgundy and make me feel magical. Honestly. On that note, I'm pretty proud of getting two posts out in just the one week! So that's all from me for now.

Maggie xx


  1. I loved this post so much. A little whimsical, a lot perfection (and yes, I wish those boots were my own!)

  2. Hi maggie, where is your coat from?? It's absolutely gorgeous!!

    1. Hey! It was bought secondhand from my friend who I think got it from an op shop!


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