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Shot and styled by yours truly, for yours truly. Featuring this wondrous bralette which possesses super powers of bad ass-ery while simultaneously leaving the wearer feeling like an 18th century French madam. Rock on. 

MAGGIE WEARS: 'CONNOR' Bralette / Harper & Beau (launching soon!) || Boyfriend Jeans / Vintage Levi's ||
Necklace / Lovisa 

Hellooo lovely readers! I hope these summer holidays (for those in the southern hemisphere) have been treating you well. For those in the northern hemisphere, I envy your winter-ness with your warm sweaters and hot chocolate *furiously shakes fist.* 

Getting on with this post... how gorgeous is this bralette?! I've honestly been wanting one for ages and this stunning number does not disappoint. Complete with beautiful, detailed patterns, this 'CONNOR' bralette is simply a stand out winner. Plus, it is super duper comfortable. Like so much to the point of me wanting to burn all my other bras. Seriously.

I bet you are all rushing to find out where you yourself can get a hold of these babies and fear not, I have the answer! Harper and Beau (@harperandbeau) have poured their love, time and effort into their brand which embodies sophistication and simplicity - from their packaging to their business cards, all their items are produced with love and care. Follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with their launch - and I even hear of talk of a giveaway!

This was also my first ever post that I completely shot and styled by myself! (Apart from my first ever post which we do not speak of...) There has been an intense love/hate relationship between myself and my tripod but this day I had the best time shooting these photos. Think me dancing around to music while running back and forth between the camera and my piles of books while trying not to get burnt by my fairy lights (again.) 

Sending you all virtual hugs,
Maggie xx

P.S Year 12 officially begins in less than 2 weeks for me, so if I'm not posting much you will know that I have been killed by an avalanche of work. Wish me luck!!

Criss X Crossed

Isn't there something wonderful about a dress you can twirl around in? Plus when it's backless as well, I can't help but squeal with joy and turn into a pile of mush. 

MAGGIE WEARS: Dress / Glue Store ||  Boots / Lipstik Shoes

Look at this gorgeous number. I'm a sucker for this rust/burgundy colour and don't even get me started on the criss-crossed back. This was an impulsive buy because it was $80 down to $30 and I'm a sucker for bargains. But sigh, my practical side knew I wouldn't wear it often so I've returned it. But not before I took a blog post, because, y'know, that's just the norm. 

Anyway, it's been a while folks! Hope you've all had lovely Christmas' and New Years like I have had. I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks of summer holidays before hell, I mean school, starts again. 

I'll leave it here because honestly, I just really want to eat some frozen yoghurt and watch himym right now. That's the life.

Love you, 
Maggie xx

P.S Thank you all for your kind comments on my latest post, it means the world to me!

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