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A dash of red! A dash of check! I feel like I'm on my way to a picnic, or alas, maybe I am the picnic blanket... A lil' gingham never hurt anyone and is in fact scientifically proven (probably) to boost your mood. 

MAGGIE WEARS: Knit Mock Neck Tshirt / Op shopped Sportscraft || Checkered skirt / Secondhand ||
Jacket / Retrostar Garage Sale || Boots / Topshop (similar) || Watch "Brown Leather" / Kapten & Son

Hi friends! Long time no speak, in particular, long time no fashunn post. My last one was way back in January, I know, I can't believe it either... But hey, today I present to you a quick and cute lil' assemble I threw on the other day. 

It features an $8 knit top found at an op shop (bargain!) and a $10 skirt I bought off my friend (sustainability is key!) and also these gorgeous Chelsea boots I scored at Topshop for $40 down from $140 (can I get a hell yeah?!) They also have the most gorgeous gold detail at the front which makes me even more in love. It was a stressful shopping time, mind you. Basically my friend Sofia fell in love with the black pair and I with the brown pair so #twinningly I went to buy both but because we had spent basically all our money on food that day, I didn't have enough money on my card! After embarrassingly piling our coins together to no avail, we decided we had to run from the Emporium shopping mall alllll the way to the State Library to connect to some wifi in order to transfer money into my account. (Later I found out that there was wifi at the Emporium... duh) Plus, they didn't hold sale items and they were the last beauties in my size so boy, did we run. Okay, you can stop holding your breath at this heart-pounding story because we got there and back in time and these babies are mine! I seriously do not know the reason I told you this anti-climatic and pretty mild story. 

Basically the moral of the story is: do what you gotta do to get the shoes

Anyway... I honestly don't trust myself to write anymore because who knows what will come out of this twisted, twisted mind. I'm pretty exhausted and have been partially sleep deprived for like a week because year 12 is a killer. Apart from stu(dying), I have been watching a lot of vlogs in particular PointlessBlogVlogs, MoreZoella and Andrewtkearns. It's a good time.  

So that's all from me (I promise!) Will hopefully chat soon as I have some blog posts in mind. Enjoy your day wherever you are and I hope it treats you well. 

Love, love, love,
Maggie xx


  1. fingercrossed on your year 12 dear! Hope to see more updates soon :)

  2. Lovely outfit, good luck for year 12! Charlotte xx


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