All That Glitters

Picture this: a fairy pixie who spends her days adorned in pink sparkles and graces the earth complete with her red glitter socks. She compliments her mum's cooking and likes to hold ladybugs and smile at strangers. 

Sweater / Sportsgirl || Tshirt / Cotton On || Jeans / Levi's || Socks / Gorman 
 Some days you feel like you just gotta wear some glitter. And Monday was one of those days. (Basically every day I have a glitter related thought but...) So out I pulled my very old, very dear, probably very unsafe craft glitter which also doubles as fairy dust. After googling a bit and having multiple websites warn that it's very unsafe to use craft glitter on your face, I proceeded to put the glitter onto my face. Not going to lie, I was honestly worried I would lose an eye, which according to a particular Reddit user, was a very real possibility. Besides the point that it kinda just looked like acne, I was a bit smitten with my sparkly cheeks. My eyes are in tack, by the way. 

Out popped my tripod and as a result, my second ever self-shot blog post! It felt gooood to get the creative juices flowing once again (so much so, I decided to make my very first vlog - check it owwt here - perhaps the start of something new?) I really enjoy the blog post process; from shooting, editing to writing, I can't get enough of it. Which is quite ironic considering my lack of said posts... But yeah! I much prefer styling and photographing rather than actually "modelling" or whatever, so hopefully in the future you will see more of me behind the lens. 

It's 11pm now and I am super happy and content with life (when I'm not panicking about school...) but I'm placing my bets it's because of the sour straps I have just consumed ($1. Kmart. Get on it.) or the fact I've been partially sleep deprived for too long. 

Friendly reminder to: follow your dreams, pat that dog, eat those cookies, wear your favourite shoes, hug your friends, smell those flowers & tell your wonderful self that you are truly magnificent.  

Catch ya later (and hopefully when I'm less cheesy and use less brackets),
Magz xx


  1. LOVED this blog post! The photos are beautiful and your writing us witty and brightened my day! :) Can't wait to read more Magz!

    1. Ahh your comment is too kind! Thanks so much for the love xx

  2. your smile is so gorgeous! i look forward to seeing your posts xx

    1. Eek, such a late reply but thank you SO much !! xx


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