Back 2 The Future

Arguably one of the best trilogies ever, Back To The Future has a dear place in my heart, and now, in my wardrobe too. 

I have decided that any day is a good day when you are sucked back into the 80s (and 1885, 1995 and good ol' 2015 for that matter). Still waiting on the self lacing Nikes and the hover boards though. 

T-shirt / Kmart || Pants / Bardot || Sweater / Sportsgirl ||
Bag / Dangerfield || Shoes / Windsor Smith || Socks / Gorman || Glasses / Bailey Nelson 

Hello - as Adele said - from the other side. 

I am officially on holidays and I am free from high school, hip hip hooray! These past two weeks or so have been chock-a-blocked full with work and catching up with mates. I've even vlogged this week which will be up in a couple of weeks knowing me, but catch it here when it drops. Tomorrow I'm also headed on 'schoolies' which is exciting - and because I'm me, I shall document it some shape or form, so keep an eye out. 

Okay, back on this post! Two days ago, some pals and I headed out to the city for some art gallery and food shenanigans. While Sofia and I were waiting for our other friends to turn up, we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot in the middle of Bourke St aka a very, very busy city street. Channeling my inner Margaret Zhang (hey, we have the same initials), I ignored the many awkward glances and pretended I was some #coolfashblogger.

I kinda like the craziness of this outfit - as did some busker who, when I walked past, sung about my striped pants and red glitter socks. Gotta love Melbourne. Hope you're all well and enjoying life, I sure am because I get to wake up at 10am with an agenda of watching TV shows and doing nothing. Booyah. 

Love always,
Maggie xx

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