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Ever wondered what it would be like to visit the Big Apple? Ever dreamed about what the well-worn pavements of New York hold for foreigners like ourselves?

Well then, boy, do I have a treat for you. As soon as I saw that Camille of Urban Arcade (ex-Melbournian, current Chicago-er, all-round talented gal with a killer blog) was heading to the shining city that is New York, I had to get her to write something up.

So here it is: 5 things you didn't know about New York. (Or maybe you did know, you clever little thing.)

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If New York was to introduce itself it would say something like, “Hey, I’m NYC, real nice to meet you.” And after vigorously shaking your hand it would look dreamily into your eyes then whisper into your ear, “My hygiene isn’t the best, but I make a pretty mean bagel”, before whimsically skipping off into the concrete jungle.

My first thought as soon as I stepped out into the streets was “wow” followed shortly by a “do I look cool enough??” because everyone, and I mean everyone, looks un-humanly chic.

But as NYC skips away I know some things that maybe he doesn’t even know (probably not to be honest because I was only there for three days so I’m no expert, but I’m trying to keep you guys hooked… Anyway)

NYC lied to me. He told me he could make a mean bagel but. He. Can’t. The bagel I had was stale and chewy with too much but too little salt. Being me, I still ate the whole thing, but looking back on it now I am wondering if I actually enjoyed it, or if it was just hunger. Who am I kidding, it’s always hunger.

There are fashion bloggers on every corner. No joke. I even got asked to be in a few pictures. I was in the land of my people and I felt right at home. They all wore the jazziest clothes and I just looked up at all of them with my puppy dog eyes whispering, “can I be you… please?”

The coffee shops are still not as good as Melbourne. We have been very deprived of cool cafes with a decent cup of joe here in Chicago, and were told NYC was where it was at. Sadly, it didn’t live up to my pretentious standards. But don’t get me wrong! It was still great and up there with the best, just not Melbourne best…

The first pizza shop in America opened up in New York (Okay fine… I googled that one.)

I don’t have a five! I feel as if I wasn’t there long enough to actually give justice to all the secrets I’m spilling. But I’ll be back and I will force those secrets out of NYC and his crappy bagels.

New York was flipping incredible. It was fast and grotty, with cool people, good food and shopping shopping shopping. It’s one of my favourite places I’ve ever visited and I know I’ll be back, and wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up living there, too.

All words and images by Camille.
Instagram / @urbanarcade

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Many thanks to the wonderful Camille for taking her fabulous time and effort to write this up.

I shall see you readers next time.

Love, Mags xx

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