Life Right Now #4 // A Bit Like Magic

Imogen and Bianca down Degraves St before we headed off to the NGV Victor & Rolf exhibition.
Phoebe in my room playing around with my uke

From a couple of my pals' birthday parties 

Bec Sandridge + The Rubens at the Zoo in the pouring rain!!
Some exposed film taken when the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra had free concerts
Some of the not so good ones but that's okay
Tom and I when we saw Jarryd James

Magic at the Palace Theatre after La La Land
Welcome, welcome!

Today I bring you the fourth instalment of the Life Right Now series. *Cheering is heard in the distance* I'm super excited to show you guys these freshly developed pics which I took over these summer holidays. A mix from my new Pentax Zoom 90 WR I scored at an op-shop (for $5!) and a $12 Kmart disposable, these photos hold lotsa memories which I know I will come to cherish later in life. 

A bit of huffing and gruffing first though - the Kmart camera returned only 13 of the 36 exposures which was a bit of a let down, but I guess that's part of the magic of film; you never know what to expect. This is basically just an ode to film. Just a shoutout to my main guy for being so unique, so spontaneous, so frustrating at times (let's be honest.) I look forward to our many more future adventures together. (I'm still talking about film, right?)

Well I'll keep this short and sweet. I just got outta a long bath so I'm a bit woozy. Dubbed #princessmaggie by Tom, I was feeling so #extra with my Lush bath bomb, a tasting plate of berries and chocolate, an abundance of scented candles and fairy lights... Treating myself has become my mantra since uni is squeezing the life out of me. 

On a similar track, I was feeling nostalgic so I finally got around to making a Schoolies video from late last year when my pals and I headed up (or down?) to Portsea. Check it out here:

Sending you all tonnes of love, happiness and soy crisps (I love 'em),
Maggie xx

1. Kodak Disposable w/ flash
2. Big W for printing ($10 a batch for an hours wait)


  1. you doing great with the vintage camera tho! Love love love from here :)


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