The Baby-sitters Club

Denim dungarees, a knitted mock red sweater and white tennis shoes to match. Doesn't this outfit just scream 'your local babysitter'?? Okay, maybe that's just me. And oh, a disclaimer: I have not read or seen The Baby-sitters Club. Is it even about baby-sitters?? I have a lot of unanswered questions. I've baby-sitted twice in my life. I got to eat pizza and watch Toy Story the second time round. 

Mock neck sweater / Thrifted || Denim Dungarees / General Pants (Subtitled) ||
Bag / Thrifted  || Nikes / Thrifted
Hiii friends,

I'm going to ignore how long it's been since a fashun post (three months) but what can I say! I've just been livin' and lovin' life. Which, as a great segway, you'll get to see what I've been up to these past summer holidays with another film Life Right Now, yay! In Year 8 I was constantly told off for my incessant use of exclamation marks and I can honestly say that not much has changed since then. 

So I snagged this cute pair of dungarees the other day for the best bargain - $90 down to $24! I know right, bloody fantastic. Worth running into work late and blaming it on the late bus. It was a bit suss though, considering I had the large General Pants bag in my hand with the capitalised "SALE' splashed on the front of it...

Quick update as well, your girl Maggie has started university! This will be my second week of completing a double degree of communication design and business. I'm loving it even though it's a bit terrifying and I've had to nap a lot. Turns out I'm pretty rubbish at Photography and I SUCK at all things Adobe (grrr, Illustrator, grrr.) Heck, even editing these photos on Photoshop was embarrassing; I didn't know how to add lines, so all the little patterns you see are just letters and punctuation... I call it innovation? 

As a not so subtle segway... apart from the dungarees my whole outfit is thrifted. I've popped up a new YouTube video (search: Maggie Zhou) and it's a try on op shop haul! Would love it if you guys watched it here.

Also, got my seconds pierced and I love them. Also, red nail polish is my favourite thing at the moment. Also, I turned eighteen a couple of weeks ago! Also, I will be volunteering at VAMFF next week! There's just a whole lotta things happening and I can't keep up. But that's enough yapping for today.

Love you lots and lots,
Magz xx

P.S Oh the quotes were just some thoughts floating around my brain. The first is from Vampire Weekend's Horchata and the second is from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 


  1. Double degree! woah , tough girl :D Communication Design was hard. I've been there tho I'm taking an undergraduate study. heheh. But, yes, Photoshop and his friends were suck most of the times. There're too many things we can do in Photoshop. Tons of tutorials. Pfew~

    Well, but it's such a thrilling major for me. When you finally graduated, you'll see everything and say : "I CAN DO IT TOO!" "I can do it all by myself." for some cute cards with high price, or other design things. And be a great freelance artist! You should try Digital Imaging too <3 it's fun!

    Sorry for blabbering here >< Jsut wanna share my experience as we're taking the same major. Wish you tons of success, dear Maggie! I know you can!

    1. Ahh wow! You're scaring me a little for communication design! But I think even though it's a lot of hard work (I've already started on the tutorials haha) it'll be really rewarding once I'm done like you said. Yep, the class I'm in now is digital imaging and wow! A freelance artist would be cool.

      Hehe thanks so much for sharing, I so so so appreciate it! <3 xx


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