(Self) Love Potion

Romilda Vane certainly had the bright idea of slipping Harry Potter a love potion in the form of chocolate back in their fourth year at Hogwarts. Nowadays - while chocolates may still do the trick - I seem to be falling in love with embroidered flowers and songs that make me want to twirl around in circles. 

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Hiya friends,

Wow, look at me actually posting and being all prompt and on time here on the blog. Unlike me every 9am start at uni. I still haven't gotten my head around this whole 'waking up early' shenanigan, even with thirteen years of schooling under my belt.

So today's post was brought to you by my spontaneous desire to shoot a couple of blog posts the other morning. I felt like wearing pretty clothes so that's what I did. I think I do that a lot now; do what I want just 'cause. 

I could call it selfishness (which it probably is at times) or being a bit immature (which it probably is too) but I just like doing things that make me happy. Simple as that, really. Should I walk down to the shops to buy my favourite croissant? Sure. Should I take the morning off and stay in my pyjamas and watch Gilmore Girls? Why not. I don't know if this is what other people do; put off their responsibilities to basically do whatever *cough* unsure if I'm just rambling about our good old friend procrastination here...

But what I'm trying to get to here is that: make sure you take time to do things you love and things that put a smile on your face. Don't spend all your time freaking out over the small things in life. Don't spend all your time worrying about the result of your latest calculus test or whatever. Stop and smell the darn roses! (Unless you are a prisoner of hayfever then maybe don't.) But don't get so caught up in your many little everyday worries and concerns that you don't take a minute to appreciate the sunset or how good the first sip of tea in the morning tastes. 

Because in the end, you won't remember what Chapter 8 of your maths textbook was yapping on about. What you may remember however, is how much fun that spontaneous Maccas run was, how you got to pat that dog during your evening walk, how pampered and loved you felt after a good skin care routine, how damn good that croissant tasted. 

I think I've convinced myself that I need another long, unnecessary, candle-lit bath. Just 'cause.

Au revoir,
Maggie xx


  1. I love your spontaneity. Just keep it up what you want to do with everything that come out of your brain. Because you have that simple thing that can inspiring others ��

    1. Your comment made me smile heaps!! Thanks for spreading your positivity xxx

  2. This is perfect Maggie!! Utterly obsessed with your cute post, this rose trend and a slight sense of aspiration to take away from it all! Thank you x

    1. Oh Amelia, thank you so much lovely! Means a lot to me xx


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