School's Out!

Here's a flash back for you: remember those seemingly ubiquitous blue sky backdrops with faintly painted clouds? How they fooled no one that the school photos were actually taken in some old, sweaty gym hall? Or: everyone's neatly pressed hair, clipped back by accessories that HAD to fit with the harshly mandated school colours? (My condolences to the school whose colours were green and purple...) Or my favourite: the lifeless photographer who looked like they regretted every life decision they ever made which led them to this point?

And no, for the fifth time, I will not turn turn my body more towards the left, thank you very much. 

Shirt / Zara || Shorts // Zara
Earrings / Made by Magdalena || Shoes // Op Shop
Hi wonderful human beings,

Today's post is brought to you with a splash of old-school nostalgia and a big dollop of procrastination. Ah, my speciality. 

A massive part of my style is this old, vintage look - what I, for some reason, deem as the 'English school girl look.' (No offence meant to English school kids.) Think button up shirts, cute a-line skirts, oxford brogues and a very autumnal colour palette featuring lots of warm colours. Yep, that's basically heaven to me. 

I also absolutely adore these darling earrings from Made By Magdalena. My sister and I have quite a few pairs of earrings from them and love them to bits! They're all hand-made by one sweet lady so check out the Etsy store

Onto the segment of this series where I ramble about my not-so-interesting life: I am on a two month long mid-semester break from uni!! Sigh, I still have an essay to write and a couple of folios to hand it but at 11:55pm in five days, I shall be free. Get ready for some crazy, wild stories. Sleeping in until 10:30am, staying in pyjamas all day... I just can't be tamed. 

Well, back to hitting the books for me. Wishing you guys a fantastic day ahead of ya!

Love always,
Mags xx

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