Dear forest green: This is not a break up, this is merely a break. You were the first true love of my love. Your deep, dark hues of green instantly took my breath away. But... someone new caught my eye. Rust. And I just can't resist her warm tones. 

Okay, I need to stop being so melodrama but to be frank, it's true. I've said it many times before but orange is taking over my wardrobe. 

I'm still loving everything '70s and some of my latest additions are fuelling this love affair. My beautiful friend Jules just recently opened her cute as heck store Youthstar Store. That's where I got this retro-inspired oversized tee, sunglasses, scarf and lil' bag. How adorable!

I paired them with earrings from Lunar and Lilo and the coolest silk pants from Lagom Studio. Then one cold winter's day, I forced my little sister to take photos of me shivering in our backyard. But y'know – fashion! 

So by tomorrow 12pm I would have submitted the last of my uni assessments for the semester. I am so overly keen. That means more free time for creative stuff – I actually already have about five blog posts ready to post so I'm pretty pleased. *pats self on back.* 

Let me know how you're going today; what time did you wake up? Did you see any dogs? Favourite thing you ate today?

Mags xx

P.S My answers are: 7:15am; yes, a nine year old tiny dog called Cherry who has a sore neck; a good, homemade sausage roll from a bakery. 


  1. Hi Maggie, I hope you are good. My answers are 9:05; yes my pupper; magnolia beef stirrry thanks. Xxxx

  2. Hi Jessica, I'm good! Thank you for your delightful answers, sending all my love xxxx


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