I've come to realise that a large chunk of my wardrobe could pass as pyjama wear. I mean, some of us might be mildly insulted by that. I, however, deem it the highest honour. Let me explain.

It comes with growing up in an Asian household where weekly chores included vigorously cleaning the stair handrails. (I mean, I think that's abnormal? We didn't know any better – heck, we'd play games to see who could complete chores the fastest. They were crazy Saturday's.) 

Anyway so I think I'm ruined for life. My boyfriend can attest to this; I have accidentally been converted into a clean freak, a germaphobe, a weirdo – whatever you want to call it. 

In my eyes, my bed is my sanctuary, a little slice of heaven, if you will. Whoever invented the idea of pyjamas deserves an award. It really is a weird concept: special bed clothes you wear when you're unconscious. Strange. 

But alas, they are SACRED. I used to not allow "normal" clothes on my bed. So you telling me my clothes look like jammies is a compliment, thank you very much.

So here's a another post brought to you by sleep deprivation. 

I can't believe I wrote a whole post about pyjamas

Oh wait, that definitely sounds like something I would do.

Lots of love and pixie dust,
Maggie xxx

P.S A vlog is coming your way soon! You'll find it here


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  2. There is definitely nothing wrong with being clean. I agree that keeping handrails clean is a good idea. I also happen to love sleepwear looks in fashion myself, whether it is pyjama-style tops and bottoms or empire waisted babydoll tops. In addition to the association with cleanliness, sleepwear inspired fashions tend to be very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to look at. I love your outfit, poses, smile, thoughts and writing.


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