Waking up to meet for a 9am shoot on a Saturday morning is no easy feat. This morning made it easy though. It was overcast, warm and quiet on the beach. 

All these photos were shot and edited by my friend Miia. She's a talented fella – you might remember her work here and here

We met in a little beach suburb and wandered in strangers' front yards, got changed in the middle of the beach and had a whole lotta fun. It's been a while since I got my creative juices flowing, so it was a refreshing change.

It's less than a week 'til Christmas (what?!) and I've been busy as a bee with work. It's my first Christmas in about four years not working retail – t h a n k  g o o d n e s s. I'm cruising through each week but man, 9-5s are tiring! All I do is watch Netflix or YouTube in my spare time. Exciting stuff.

So I'm keeping it short today because Vlogmas awaits. I reckon it's my fourth year watching Zoella's Vlogmas... this is a judgement free zone, please and thank you.

Apologies for my sloppy sentences, my brain's taking a nap. 

Mags xx


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