I'm a girl who loves being inside just as much as the next loner who spends too much time on the Internet but there's just something about being surrounded by thick, tall and towering trees and being submersed in the beauty of nature which makes me all happy inside. 

This was day two of my family's Daylesford trip (day one can be found here) when we visited Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens and Lake Jubilee. It was such a nice contrast to the daily concrete jungle of Melbourne to be amongst the greenery this world has got to offer. Besides, plants are pretty cool. X

T-Shirt / From
Dress / Valleygirl 
Bag / Mum's
Shoes / Thrifted Nikes 
Necklace / Made By Renee

That's all for today, wishing you all a safe and fun holidays!

Love, Maggie xx


  1. Hi Maggie,
    I found your blog through Instagram and your outfits are soo on point!! I wanna like swap wardrobes with you or something haha.
    <3 from Sydney,
    Eezu xx
    (I recently made blogger at the beginning of this year, so please excuse it's 'newbieness')

    1. Hey Eezu! Aw thanks so much for your kind comment! It really means a lot to me hehe xx


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