Grid Locked X Hello Sweetie

White fluffy pom-pom earrings? Check.
Green rad sunnies? Check.
Two-piece grid set? Check! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, one very cute outfit. It's not everyday you get sent an amazing parcel from Hello Sweetie - a Sydney based boutique full on fun, quirky and playful clothing, but when you do, you are guaranteed to jump up and down with excitement. Well, at least I did... 

You can find Hello Sweetie with the links below:

They have a hell of a lot of cool products on their store ranging from socks to dresses to tees to accessories and the list goes on so there's no excuse to check out their website! And the best part is you can get 20% off your purchase if by using the code MAGGIE15 - so hop on it now. XX

Can you say sass???

Grid Knit Two-Piece Set (Size S) / Hello Sweetie
Small Flurry-Pom Earrings (White) / Hello Sweetie
Rad Sunnies (Green) / Hello Sweetie
Bars Socks / Hello Sweetie
Grid Socks / Hello Sweetie
Shoes / Rubi Shoes

I had a lot of fun sneaking into my old primary school to take these flicks with my mum (thank you mum!!) and an even better time showing off these amazing clothes. Remember to use the code MAGGIE15 at the checkout to receive a 20% discount!

Hope you're all surviving the arrival of school,
Maggie xx


  1. That Rubi shoes just too cute! you look great and that pom pom earrings are adorable!

  2. looking hella cute Maggie! Just wanted to let you know that it is Hannah from Instagram :)

  3. Hey babe! Aw thanks so much and wow! Loving your blog ATM + your sisters posts are so nice xxx


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