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Just one look into magazines, runways, Internet searches and ingrained beliefs and you will find the rigid beauty standards which are still evident in today's seemingly advanced society. Growing up, (and even now) I would be in awe over the girls splayed out in magazines with their light, wavy hair and bright-coloured eyes. Repetitively, I would find Caucasian features being praised whilst my typical Asian features were shamed and put-down. Newsflash - comments such as "you're pretty for an Asian!!" do not, I repeat, do not, count as compliments. The difficult navigation of our teenage years do not need the extra burden of being embarrassed and ashamed of our culture and ethnicity which makes up so much of our identity. 

White-washing is unmistakable in today's society with dark-skinned celebrities being edited with lighter skin, lighter and straighter hair and thinner bodies. L'Oreal have a crap history in which back in 2008 they were accused of whitening Beyonce's skin, in 2009 they were found guilty for racial discrimination for barring black, Arab and Asian women from selling its shampoo and now they are infamous for promoting their skin whitening products. Whether it be from lightening one's skin to wearing contacts to make one's iris' bigger or another colour to applying glue or tape to create double eyelids, European beauty standards have stilted the embrace of our own cultural beauty. 

Lastly, the fashion industry - which is usually renowned for their progressive attitude (I think) - unfortunately does not do well in this field either. According to Vogue Anonymous, the statistics of models of colour which appeared from the Paris runways of Spring/Summer 2015 were less than impressive. Acne Studios, Alexander McQueen and Celine only used three models of colour; Alexis Mabille, Carven and Saint Laurent only used two models of colour; Haider Ackermann and Valentino only used one model of colour and Comme des Garcons and Jacquemus used a whooping zero models of colour!! But honestly, the lack of diversity is shocking...

But hey! This post's purpose is not to get you down in your dumps and cry about the injustices of this world - you have plenty of time for that later. I just want to share some of the beautiful models of colour which I absolutely adore. So scroll on down to appreciate some very striking and gorgeous humans. X












Okay honestly, is this gif not your favourite thing ever??
*Photos do not belong to me
So there you have it! A little compilation of some beautiful human beings. The list truly goes on forever and I hope after this long post you too can relate to the unfair beauty standards of this world and embrace and equally love your fellow people of colour. 

Anyway guys - I have wanted to write this post since I first started my blog and I'm happy that I finally got around to it. Racism is obviously still a major issue in today's world and as seen above, effects all aspects of our lives. 

So that's all from me today,
lots of love and kisses,
Mags xx

P.S I am totally not intelligent or educated enough on this issue to talk very confidentally and many of these musings are just what have been on my heart - not particularly researched or accurate information! 


  1. I ADORE this post so much! I always have my eyes peeled for POC in pop culture whether it be models, actors/actresses, musicians or etc etc. and always feel a small jolt of pride whenever I do come across someone (especially of Chinese heritage). The under-representation of POC in the fashion industry is, in my opinion, the most severe, and that definitely needs to change!!

    1. Jenny thank you so much! I completely 100% agree with you! So glad people like you share similar beliefs! :-)

  2. I tried to like this post but couldn't find the 'like' button so I'm just gonna say how cool this blog post is! I am so proud that someone of around my age has had the guts to write something that must be so close to their heart and is just such a huge topic in our society. When i lived in Vietnam, they would photo shop the school photos to make the kids (including myself) look whiter and have bigger eyes. WHAT!?!? Any-whoo, just thought that was appropriate to share. Great post Maggie!

    1. Hey Camille!! I don't think there is a like button but your comment says all. It's really cool to see that you understand how important this issue is so thank you so much! Wow - that is taking it to another level and it's horrible hearing stuff like that. But thanks once again and I'll see you Friday!

  3. love, love, LOVE this post! It makes me really angry when this idea of a 'perfect' human is reinforced wherever we look. In reality, it's the diversity of humans that make us so special! The representation of POC in the fashion industry is an issue that definitely needs to be addressed, and your post highlights this issue perfectly. x

    1. Thank you Zoe! Yes, definitely - that is such a valid and true point! Thanks once again and by the way, I love your blog. x

  4. This post is wonderful! You've highlighted somethimg really important. You are gorgeous Maggie. Xx

    1. Thank you so much Elise! You are too sweet xx


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