Plants, Plants & More Plants

Plants are honestly so great! Look at them! They are so cute and colourful and come in all different sizes and shapes! If that isn't up your alley - well, c'mon, they give you oxygen to breathe and all, so they mustn't be all that bad. 

So about a week ago my family and I went to the Botanical Gardens and played tourists in the late afternoon sun. It was a fun little day spent admiring the luscious plant life on offer and strolling through the vast gardens. I honestly love it there so much; not just because of the nature (duh), but the plethora of people there: from lovely couples to cute lil kids. 

 Below are some of the photos taken on the day which serve as a nice contrast to the bleary and cold weather we are having now. (I thought I could go a post without talking about the weather. I thought wrong.) X

Cactus' are prickly!!

This was a spontaneous blog post so I was just dressed in my good ol' Lee Cooper denim jacket and black ripped jeans - nothing too fancy. But there you have it: a simple post just showing you guys some nice leafy goodness. 

Anyway, I'm super stoked to have finished exams and I've basically spent the last few days binge watching HIMYM and snacking on (more like annihilating) coconut chips. On the note of totally fun activities, I'm really excited for the NGV's school holiday program which is based around their current (and free!) exhibition Exquisite Threads. 

It runs from the 1st to the 3rd of July and each day is filled with really cool workshops. There is a DIY vintage purse on the first day followed by creating your own embroidery hoop on the second day and ending with embroidering a peter pan collar on the last day! So if you're teen in Melbourne I suggest you come along to what promises to be a fun and fashion-filled few days - I'll also be popping by on a couple of the days so make sure you say hi! Bookings are essential and to find out more information and to buy tickets head over here.

So that's all from me today - I'm off to reorganise my room and devour a bowl of cookies 'n' cream icecream. Enjoy the rest of your night!

Maggie xx

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