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Why are boyfriend jeans called boyfriend jeans? Yahoo answers revealed that this controversial conundrum (not quite) was also on the minds of other teenage girls' and not just in my brain whose thoughts usually drift from wondering what's for dinner to thinking about all the maths homework I haven't done (tip: a lot.) They are apparently titled so because they are, quote from Yahoo member lianbalag, "guy-type pants sized for girls." In comparison to the tight, blood-flow-constricting, tight, uncomfortable and tight skinny jeans we usually force our legs in, these bad boys are loose, baggy, comfy and have heaps of pocket space. 

Apparently it's also because girls borrow jeans from their boyfriends (??) but since I have 0 knowledge in the vast and unknown field labelled 'boys,' I cannot verify if this is the case. Anyway, so I thought I would throw this post together featuring items which are inspired by boys' clothes: boyfriend jeans, a sports tee, an oversized Celtics jumper and a pair of trusty Converses. (All secondhand or thrifted.) 

That's all for this time folks and I hope you enjoyed the post because I had to reshoot it a second time seeing that my laptop crashed and all the photos deleted... Baring my arms in the middle of Winter is always fun. Oh the things I do for you guys.

I hope you've all had a good start to Term 3 (and for those who are still on holidays, I shake my fist at you.) Much love to you all,
Maggie xx


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