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Winter has arrived here in Australia - and boy, has it arrived. Temperature's have dropped, tights have gone on, hands have turned purple and blankets are my new best friend. I for one plan on spending winter wrapped up inside watching HIMYM and consuming an impressive amount of hot chocolate, but on the slight chance I do venture outside, my neck is almost always covered. If blankets are my best friends, then scarves and turtlenecks are my soul mates. My winter wardrobe mainly consists of a whole lotta high neck tops and that suits me and my neck juuuuust fine. So now I present to you my collection of turtlenecks and skivvies. X


Probably one of the most abused items in my 'drobe is this classic Country Road skivvy stolen from my mother. It's quite thin and light so it's great for layering and I love the grey colour - which will be making more of an appearance in my closet this winter. The high-neck wraps around my neck in the nicest way possible (is there a way that could've been worded nicely?) Anyway...


I bought this lil' sweater from a Retrostar vintage sale for $5 a few years back and it hasn't been out that much. It's made of this cool, scratchy material and kinda reminds me of Scooby Doo for some reason... The neck barely qualifies for a turtleneck but it's close enough for me!


Ahh, those three words make my inner fashionista's heart flutter. I found this vintage JayJay's beauty for $3 at my local op shop... can I get a hollar?? For the same price as a coffee, this sweater is so comfy and so cute. I love everything ribbed at the moment so this one ticks a lot of boxes. 


So my little sister came home with this from Temt the other day and I was utterly bewildered. Is it a singlet? Is it a sweater? In what weather can this be worn?! Regardless of the practicality of it, I think it's pretty cute and again, my inner grey lover is squealing with joy.


Dark green is my favourite colour and it also makes up approximately 78% of my wardrobe. I bought this from Dotti a couple of years back and it is definitely a staple in my clothing attire. It's super stretchy and surprisingly quite warm and allows me to blend into foliage... 


This velvet cutie from Hello Sweetie featured in my last blog post and is the warmest and coolest thing ever. I'm not one to usually wear cropped shirts (this is my belly button's first public appearance so make it feel welcome) but this is an exception. While wearing this, you may find me occasionally stroking my arm: Velvet. Is. So. Soft.


And to finish this off is my latest purchase: this beautiful high-neck crop with an oversized silhouette from Sportsgirl. It is honestly the love of my life and is marvellously cosy and the colour is on point. It is most likely/probably made from the hair of angels and tears of unicorns. 

And there you have it! A little peek at my (only) clothes for this winter. Before you go there are just a few other things I would like to share with you:

Embarrassingly enough I own basically no makeup except for a mascara wand which is questionably shaped in the shape of a parabola, but I got sent a few goodies from Elise Garland PR including this mineral powder foundation from Bloom Cosmetics which is so great for sensitive skin and left my skin feeling silky smooth without a shiny finish. Below are some photos of myself applying it in a most-likely incorrect way... But honestly I recommend it because it feels like silk and gives skin a natural glow.

Also pictured in this post is the beautiful minimalistic jewellery from The Peach Box. TPB are perfect for good quality, simple and elegant jewellery and I am utterly obsessed with my rose gold flutter ring and my twisted nail bangle

Lastly, but definitely not least is are my gorgeous Instagram prints from PocketPrintApps. I am an avid fan of wall art/postcards/photos as seen above and I've always wanted to be able to print my Instagram photos. And now voila, now I can - they come in all sorts of sizes and the colour on each is better than imagined. Printing out your pics is such a cool way to 'free' them from your phone and straight into your hands!


And there you have it, a rather long post if I say so myself! Sorry for the hiatus - I have had (and actually, still have) exams and my studio folio is also due in a few days! I've had a nice relaxing (ish) weekend so far; yesterday I went down to one of my favourite cafes by myself and attempted to write a literature essay whilst also munching on a berry and white chocolate muffin and drinking the best soy cap and then proceeded to watch 'How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days.' later that night. Today has been spent at work and procrastinating my methods homework - and alas! My excercise book has unfortunately run out and oh look, we have no more at home... how horrible *wink wink.* Anyway...

Hope you kiddos have been well yourself - and hey, if you have stuck out and read until here, I applaud you.

Until next time,
Maggie xx


  1. i love this post so much!! my favourite ones are probably #6 and #7. wish i could pull off turtle necks like you can xxx

    1. Thank you Jenny! I love 6 and 7 too and I bet you can xxx


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