How to be a real Parisian

Ah, Paris - the city of love. You've got to be kidding yourself if you say that you haven't ever dreamed of taking a visit to the dreamy land... With its gorgeous buildings and beautiful people, it is usually near the top of most people's to-go list. And who better to show you around then a real Parisian herself? I've scouted my fave French gal Pia (Instagram: @pia_mbd) to present to us some of her must-dos when in Paris. So without further ado, here it is!

To be a real Parisian, you gotta learn to get lost.

In Montmartre, of course, have a peak at the Sacré Coeur and enjoy some touristy selfies but soon enough, venture in the back streets where the real Parisian life lies! There, you'll find dorky paved roads, colorful houses and you'll feel like you're in a little countryside town, but every now and then, from Rue des Abbesses to Rue Lepic, between two white buildings, you'll catch a breathtaking view reminding you that you're still in the city of love. Then, getting down the hill using some mythical stairs, you'll end up in downtown Montmartre - after posing in front of the Moulin Rouge, head to Rue des Martyrs and its 'bio bobo' cafés for an afternoon tea and some unique shopping. 


Le Marais is all about amazing designer shops (rue Poitou), artsy galleries (the most famous one being the Centre Pompidou, on top of which you get a panoramic view over beautiful Paris) and cute cafés (Merci, l'Anticafé). Walking through its tiny streets, don't forget to look up to see some pretty building aesthetics. Hungry? Queue at 'L'As Du Falafel' to get closer to the Jew culture. Then as night falls, go party in some funky gay club! 


Walking away from the revolutionary vibes of Place de la République, take a walk on the docks of the Canal Saint Martin and take some very instagrammable outfit pics in front of the street art walls. Then walk your way up to reach the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, then once up there, wait for the sunset reflection on the pound and like a real Parisian, have a lil' beer and chat with friends. 


Some Parisian cafés are quite famous. And it's kind of difficult to discover new ones. But concept stores are multiplying all over the town and it's about you to dare try something new. Run away from the mythic and not so worth it Café de Flore (even though you ought to explore and have a shopping spree in St Germain!) and go to Soul Kitchen, in downtown Montmartre, a Parisian HQ where you can have a peaceful break drinking a lait speculoos you won't find anywhere else. 

*All fabulous writing and photos by Pia

A big shoutout to Pia for being so lovely and setting aside time to write up this post! Nothing like a dose of wanderlust to brighten up your day/night, right? 

Anyway, sorry for the absence, I've been busy with school and work and life and all that jazz but another post should be coming your way soon...ish. 

Until next time,
Mags xx

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