Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Here's a toast to all the sensational girls we have in our lives. The ones who are always up for a chat, up for a laugh or up to no good. 

The other weekend I cajoled my two pals Hayley and Ella into a little photoshoot. Yep, I wanted to practice my photography skills but it was just mainly an excuse to hang out together. Among being playfully attacked by Ella's eight-year-old psycho black toy poodle Sooty, we got to chatting about everything and anything; from literature classics, to how girls are portrayed in books, to really good movies, to childhood memories. 

Totally not a generalisation or anything, but girls are honestly the coolest. So take a moment to appreciate your gal pals. Find a Sunday arvo and get together to bake cookies, watch bad movies and to enjoy the company of friends. 

Thanks for tuning into another cheesy post,
Magz xx

P.S You can find these two monkeys at their Instagrams:


  1. oh wow I love these and the atmosphere of them! You've definitely captured friendship and love in these!!!

    1. Thank you gal! Ignore the month late reply haha x


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