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Welcome to the '70s. Today's episode is sponsored by warm tones and groovy tunes. And boy oh boy, we just can't get enough of it here. This post is basically an ode to all things yellow and orange so we encourage you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. 

Oh and please remember turn off your mobile phones. 

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Helllo friends,

It's been a red hot minute since I've last posted. Not too much to report - just been on a continuous cycle of (not enough) sleep, eat, uni, work, repeat. With a lot of procrastination thrown into the mix. Good news is that holidays are oh so soon and I cannot wait. So keep your chin up if you're still at school, you're almost at the finish line! 

Today's post is definitely a spontaneous attempt for me to get out of writing this ridiculous uni essay I refuse to begin. So it is a mix of some photos of me taken by my sister from a while ago (over a month ago but shh) and some photos that I took of my friend Bianca for a uni assignment. 

Spring has finally bloomed here and I'm stoked. T-shirts, skirts, dresses? You're all mine now. If we don't speak again soon, you best believe I'm livin' life up, soaking up the sun, the whole summer shebang. Hopefully that includes countless milkshakes, late night boogying and many, many memories.

Oh, I'm jealous of future Maggie. 

Love always,
Magz xx

P.S This blog design is a SHAMBLES so once holidays hit - this baby is getting a bomb-ass makeover like the one Anne Hathaway got in Princess Diaries. 


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